Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm using this blog post to bring attention to the fine art world on Etsy by choosing one word and posting how different artists present it through their work. This week I have made the executive decision to look at only the photographers who have shops on Etsy.

Moonlight Nights 
by Bernard Howe

The clear sky seems to glow,
with the moon so big and bright.
Lighting up our hill sides,
with an iridescence light.

The shadows hide amongst the trees,
whilst I listen to the gentle breeze.
A night time opera in front of me,
a magical moment under a grand marquee.

For now I know that no man alive,
could ever produce this kind of splendor.
One in which a heart beats faster,
one which makes my heart surrender.

The beauty within our heavens light,
fills me with a passion a deep delight.
Lakes sparkle from shore to shore,
a beauty no one could ever ignore.

How can darkness have such a glow,
a warmth so bold to comfort our soul?
A beauty from heaven to help us believe,
a knowledge that can, make us all whole.

M  O  O  N  L  I  G  H  T

Eerie Forest by Moonlight
Eerie Forest by Moonlight
Thistle Amongst Roses
by TeddyBaerGirl
Thistle Amongst Roses
Spatter by Moonlight
by theeye
Spatter by Moonlight - Photo - Fine Art Photo
Moonlight in Pilot Grove Folk Art Print
by catherineholman
Moonlight in Pilot Grove Folk Art Print
Moonlight Blue
by FrancesPhotography
Moonlight Blue.  Fine Art Photograph.  Museum Paper.  Abstract Landscape.  Giclee
Moon on the Water - A Mermaid's View

Moonlit Skyscape 7
by CactusHuggers
Moonlit Skyscape 7 - 8x10 Fine Art Night Photograph
by Amilka
Buy One Get One FREE - Summer Sale. Moonlight. Art Print


  1. The Moon is such an inspiration. What great interpretations! Thanks for sharing :) T.

  2. very nice... ! thanks for including my photo Sue

  3. The moon and it's light casts such an enchanting atmosphere and if we are lucky we take the time to bask in it's glory!
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful images of this incredible kind of night sky.

  4. Thanks for including my print in this post with all the other beautiful ones.