Thursday, August 19, 2010

Defining a Word Through Fine Art

I'm using this blog post to bring attention to the fine art world on Etsy by choosing one word and posting how different artists present it through their work.
It's said that's it's best to write about something you like or are familiar with. Well, most of my life these days is taken up with my daughter and her horse. She is at the barn six days a week! Seems like a lot, but when horseback riding is something you love and you have a parent willing to oblige, then what the heck! Of course she knows way more about horses than I do, after all my main job is to write the checks! I am trying to learn more but what I really love to do is watch my daughter riding her horse.
Horses are so beautiful ... and they're very smart as well. Horses are very intelligent animals yet people do not give them enough credit. Truly, they are as smart as any dog or cat. Horses have a highly developed ability to read emotions and moods. When we have to ask someone how they are feeling, horses know without asking. This intuitive ability protects horses from being eaten by a predator, but allows them to live side by side with predators. For instance, they know instantly when a lion is hungry and on the hunt, or equally as instantly when a lion is not looking for a meal.
If we judge the intelligence of horses by our own standards, we are likely to be wrong every time. There are all sorts of opinions about how smart or stupid horses are.  Some people seem to think they have little or no intelligence. Others think they are smarter than we are.
Horses also don't worry about the future the way we do. As far as a horse is concerned, the only thing that is worth getting upset about is what is happening right now. We would do well to learn that lesson. 
So, if we stop measuring a horse's intelligence by his ability to conceptualize, what are we left with?  We are left with a intelligent animal who is in touch with your every move, and is assessing your ability as a leader from moment to moment.  For many horses, the standards for leadership are very high. They are watching your every move in detail and deciding if you are worthy of their cooperation and trust.  A far cry from many of us who give away our trust for the most naive reasons sometimes.  
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This week's word is . . . H O R S E

Sand Horses
by ArtonSilkbyLouise
Sand Horses

Racine the Dancing Horse
by gigglesnortsociety
Racine the Dancing Horse

by behappynow

Colorado Horse Photo
by JulieMagersSoulen
Colorado Horse Photo -FREE SHIPPING -Shyness -11x14 Photograph
Sun Pony
Mixed media horse print by spirithorsegallery
Sun Pony,  Mixed media horse print.

Horse With No Name
by CatamountDigital
4X6 Print - Horse With No Name
Horse Wall Art
by promisespromises
Horse Wall Art

Catch Me and I Will Grant A Wish
by siriusimagery
Catch Me and I Will Grant A Wish 8x10

Five wild horses in leather
by creativeJENO
Five wild horses in leather


  1. I adore horses and you have selected some very beautiful pieces of art. Thank you very much for selecting my Colorado horse photo!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  2. Such great horse selections. I especially love the Colorado Horse Photo and Sun Pony.

    Peace, Judi

  3. Thanks for the kind reference to our blog post in the "Equine Spiritual Journey" section at


  4. What a lovely collection of horses.

    My Daughter used to ride too!

    We went out recently on a horse photography trip but I think we spent more time talking to and watching them play than actually taking photos. It was a great day.

    BTW, I used to dry the Hydrangeas at my other home but for some reason I can't get these ones to dry at all and so I have given up.

    Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely weekend, T. :)