Thursday, August 5, 2010

Defining a Word Through Fine Art

I'm using this blog post to bring attention to the fine art world on Etsy by choosing one word and posting how different artists present it through their work.
As a photographer, knowing when the light outside is just right is all part of taking a good photograph. I think most photographers would agree that in the middle of the day in the sun is ... not so good. I always take my photos on cloudy days or in the shade. I've been known to stand in between the hot sun and my subject in order to shade it.
Early morning - a rocking time for photos, and if there's some fog too ... wow! But, I think maybe the most inspirational, eye catching and exciting part of the day for images, all images: for painters, photographers and the like just might be at the end of the day. Twilight, a setting sun, long shadows, smoke in the air ... dusk. Doesn't that all sound like a wonderful time for images?
Well, guess what ... this week's word is ... dusk. Let's see what's out there!
Miro and Klimt Fused
by hilariagalleries
Miro and Klimt Fused....Fabulous Modern Abstract Art Postcard Print
Positano at Dusk
by rebeccaplotnick
Positano at Dusk 16x20 Photograph
City At Dusk
by ParadiseTwilight
City At Dusk Art Print 12x8
Dusk Falling, Aspen Original
by alittlemoorestudio
Dusk Falling, Aspen Original
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
by mingtaphotography
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow  - Sunset on weed Original Fine Art Photograph Print 8 x 10

City After Dusk
by jontybloom
City After Dusk
DUSK celestial landscape painting
by jimsmeltzgallery
DUSK celestial landscape painting by Jim Smeltz

Thistles at Dusk
by missquitecontrary
Thistles at Dusk- 8x8 Fine Art Photograph Print
Farm House at Dusk
by tomasino
Farm House at Dusk   Original    6 X 8

dusk in siena
by stephmel
dusk in siena, 11x8 fine art photograph


  1. Gorgeous selection of images. It's so exciting to see the different visions and interpretations of the same subject from all these artists. I'm very honoured that my photo is part of this set. Thank you Sue!

  2. These are so pretty and inspirational :) T.

  3. Dusk is such a sweet & peaceful moment in ones day! If only we took that moment everyday to view it's ever changing mood! A beautiful collection once again Sue! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Excellent choices representing the best time of the day! Thanks for including my "Vehement" painting!