Friday, July 30, 2010

Defining a Word Through Fine Art

I'm using this blog post to bring attention to the fine art world on Etsy by choosing one word and posting how different artists present it through their work.

This week I thought I'd simply pick from my favorites, in my shop, that I have found on Etsy. There's a lot to choose from because, well, there are tons of wonderful artists on Etsy and this list will be long this week. So here goes, no particular word this week either (unless I can count "favorites").

Amy Felt Hat handmade in France

In Bloom
by icandyprints
In Bloom

by staceyyacula

Coil - Original Fine Art Photo
by theeye
Coil -  Original Fine Art Photo

Mother Nature's Love Letters
by KatieLeighDesigns
Mother Nature's Love Letters

Tea Pot with Prayer Plant (Still Life)
by PhotoGrunt
Tea Pot with Prayer Plant (Still Life)

by RabbitHoleProduction
LIFE LESSON 1 16x20 digital painting on canvas

Frost on Grass 1
by CactusHuggers
Frost on Grass 1 - 8x10 Fine Art Photography by Murray Bolesta CactusHuggers on Etsy

Knit Felted White Bag with Flower
by katazyna
Knit Felted White Bag with Flower

Baby Burrowing Owl
by NaturesCall
Baby Burrowing Owl 5 x7 Print -

Dragonfly Decorative Pillow
by Freshline
Dragonfly Decorative 8x8 inch Pillow

Felted Votives with Flowering Branch
by kbuchheit
Felted Votives with Flowering Branch

Pink Carnation
by eireanneilis
Pink Carnation -Flower Photograph-Fine Art Print 8x10 IN STOCK

Primitive Folk Art Rabbit Sachet
by erinf115
Primitive Folk Art Rabbit Sachet - Lavender Sachet

Straight from the Horse's Nose


  1. Wow, Sue! Wonderful collection! Thanks so much for shining a light on "Tea Pot with Prayer Plant (Still Life)"!

  2. Love your selections!! As I ran through the images I thought "ooo, that's my favorite" then I would see the next image and think "well, no...maybe this is my favorite." I have a lot of new shops to check out!

  3. These are great favorites! I could run posts for years and years I think full of favorites! All so inspiring.

  4. Just heading back home from holidays tomorrow thought I should check in! I was pleasantly suprised by your wonderful post and thank you for including my pieces along with so many wonderful & talented artisians. Some of these are my favourites too and some I will definitely have to check out! I can't wait to catch up!

  5. Your favorites make for a wonderful collection - so many beauties. I must go check out all these shops! Thanks for sharing and all the work you put into these posts.