Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Horse in Question

Ever since our daughter was in third grade my life has been centered around horses. If you've been to my website, you've seen a lot of horse photographs. In the summer, once a month she's in a horse show. Our horse's name is Herbie and his show name is The Love Bug. He came with those names and we never thought to change them.
I've learned tons about horses in the last eight years and there is, I'm sure, a ton yet to learn. I don't ride myself ... I do not want to. I leave the riding up to our daughter.
At the last horse show we did I spent a lot of time walking around photographing all the horses in the outer pastures.
The horse in this photo somewhat eludes me. It' most likely an appaloosa (a leopard appaloosa). Though, it could be a Knapstrupper or a Colorado Ranger Bred. Well, whatever ... a very cute horse!
(As usual, don't forget to feed the fish on the way out!)