Monday, April 4, 2011

Someone I'd Like You to Meet

So I wanted to venture away from the path I've been following. Instead of promoting the fine art on Etsy I'd like to promote a wonderful shop, and friend, I met a little while ago. She pretty much introduced me to a couple wonderful treasury-making teams and that led me to even more friends. What a wonderful chain of events!

Meet Lauren of Lauren Blythe Designs. Lauren's shop is filled with wonderful vintage-style jewelry.

After having to close down a successful wedding jewelry web site because there just weren't enough hours in the day after her son was born, she wanted to get back into jewelry design. Her Etsy shop is filled with pieces she feels special about. Pieces she can wear and her friends can wear, too. All these pieces incorporate her love for vintage jewelry. 

I feel that if you love what you do, then it shows in your work! Here some of my favorites from her Etsy shop,

Necklace. Jewelry, Vintage, Four Photo Locket, Guilloche, Coro, Shabby  Chic,  Keepsake, Gold Filled Chain, Pearls. Parisian Keepake. Vintage inspired jewelry by Lauren Blythe Designs on Etsy. 
Necklace. Jewelry, Flower, Sakura, Vintage Style, Cream, Ivory, Amber, Glass Beads. Decade. Vintage inspired jewelry by Lauren Blythe Designs Jewelry on Etsy. 


  1. Wonderful pictures! I just love hoe she takes photos against old letters. It adds an air of romance :).

  2. Great post! And Lauren's jewelry is so pretty :)

  3. what a great way to get to know Lauren! I learned a few things today!

    Thanks Sue!

  4. thank you Sue for featuring my shop! As you know I am a huge fan of your shop as well and i think our romantic themes- photography and jewelry- fit well together!!! thank you again!

  5. oh and forgot- those old letters were my grandmother's - one is an actual love letter (not from my grandfather!) and the topaz earrings are on my grandparents wedding invitation!

  6. Such pretty jewelry and I love the precious items that you used to display them.
    Seems like you are both fortunate to have come into each other's lives.