Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Defining a Word Through Fine Art

I'm using this blog post to bring attention to the fine art world on Etsy by choosing one word and posting how different artists present it through their work.
Sunrise is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears above the horizon in the east. Sunrise should not be confused with dawn, which is the (variously defined) point at which the sky begins to lighten, some time before the sun itself appears, ending twilight. Because atmospheric refraction causes the sun to be seen while it is still below the horizon, both sunrise and sunset are, from one point of view, optical illusions. The sun also exhibits an optical illusion at sunrise similar to the moon illusion.   
S    U    N    R    I    S    E

Foggy Sunrise
by dianalemieux

Sunrise II
by pfleenor

Big Flower Little Bird
by MagMoment
Hummingbird Fine Art 8x10 Photograph titled Big Flower Little Bird by Hazel Berger
Good Morning Rooster
by blueeyeddragonfly
Original Folk-Art Painting - Good Morning Rooster

Golden in Snow
by JulieMagersSoulen
Colorado Winter Landscape Dog Photo-Golden in Snow-8x10 Photograph-FREE SHIPPING

Lucy Waits For the Sun
by thisisalliknow
lucy waits for the sun - limited edition print
Misty Sunrise
by Lhosphotography
Misty Sunrise 12x8 Fine Art Print Mist,Sunrise,Early Morning

Sunrise Study 11
by watercolorstudio

Here Comes The Sun
by PaperArtStudios
Here Comes The Sun (Ready to frame Fine Art Print)
Sunrise at Cocoa Beach Florida
by TheCamerasEye
8 x 12 Sunrise at Cocoa Beach Florida

Sunrise Shake
by HannahPhelps
Original Oil Painting - Sunrise Shake


  1. So wonderful...not sure if I can pick a favourite. Love them all for their beauty! Thank you! Your posts are always so inspiring!

  2. These items are so peaceful and thought-provoking. Very cool. Thank you for including my hummingbird photograph. I have just started capturing bird images this past summer in part because I bought a longer lens. Notice here though that I include the flower... because they are my beginnings... but I may end up loving birds more.

    The rooster is so fanciful! Love it.

    The Foggy Sunrise makes me want to go find that corner of the world. Too cool.

  3. Thank you for including my rooster painting in your post. I love all of the different interpretations of the word sunrise. I love how unique each one is. The pictures are all so warm and peaceful.
    Thank you again, Heather

  4. This is the perfect way to start the day! You have found a beautiful sunrise art collection. Thank you for selecting my photo, "Golden in Snow." I appreciate it!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  5. Beautiful...Sunrise is my favorite time of othe day :)