Sunday, May 2, 2010

To Remember My Mom This Mother's Day

For this Mother's Day, I'm going to remember my mom with photographs of her wedding dress I had taken for the FPOE Team's MissMatch Diptych Project. Our theme was "Nostalgia." Both my partner and I picked old dresses. This first image was the one I used for the project, the second image is the completed diptych (my partner was Frankie Kins, One Eye Open). The rest are photographs I'm selling on etsy.
Happy Mother's Day everyone! My mom isn't with me any more, so this is more a gift to myself, I guess.

“Mom's Wedding Dress” (from 1954)
The finished diptych project “Nostalgia”
“A Simple Elegance”


  1. Thanks Sue, I enjoyed your post. It got me thinking about my mom.

  2. Sue, these are marvelous, poignant images. A beautiful tribute to your Mom, and indeed a gift to her. I especially like the one of the veil. – g

  3. oh my these photos are absolutely gorgeous.
    What a wonderful way to remember your mother!